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Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Immunization Campaign Against Measles, Rubella And Mumps

The importance of vaccinations against these diseases

Ensure that the will of fortifications in reducing the incidence of these diseases and exposure to its complications, and which ones might be a severe effect on health.

The fortifications help reduce the consumption of medical services as a result of reducing the incidence of diseases targeted by immunization, thus lowering the cost of treatment, as the fortifications that contribute to the reduction of absenteeism from work or school, and this in turn have many pluses.


According to the World Health Organization, however, measles, a viral disease that is highly contagious and dangerous, and is one of the main causes of death among young children worldwide, despite the availability of a safe and effective vaccine to combat it.

It also indicates the organization that campaigns targeted fortifications able to achieve tremendous results in reducing measles deaths and are often characterized by symptoms of measles disease in mild and moderate, but in some cases may lead to serious complications, the most important complications associated with inflammation of the brain and the possibility of blindness, diarrhea and dehydration, as well as acute respiratory infections and pneumonia.

The immunization against measles, one of the important aspects of disease prevention and the reduction of and deaths, and the World Health Organization indicate only that the measles vaccine is safe, effective and inexpensive cost.

With regard to the importance of immunization against rubella, as previously noted Valthsinat generally help prevent contraction of the disease and the cost of treatment and reduce absenteeism at work and school.

In addition Infection rubella may in some cases lead to serious complications to the fetus, if hit by a pregnant mother in the first three months almost, and complications include injury to the fetus congenital anomalies, and mental retardation, deafness and abnormalities in the heart.

And possibly blindness, and may be injury severe some cases lead to the death of the fetus and abort it, and then Thatching prevents the help of God of infection and access to such serious complications.

The mumps, and in addition to the health benefits and economic fortifications referred to earlier, Thatching against it protects the infection and exposure to complications of advanced, especially in adults, including bronchitis and Durham, and inflammation of the ovaries in females, and inflammation of the pancreas.


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