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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Diseases Of Aging Of Yeast Infection - Linda Allen Scam Program


Alzheimer's disease is a brain disorder named after German physician Alusi Alzheimer, who first described the disease in 1906, and was able after scientists in the last century to come to many of the important facts about disease.

Is a brain disease sophisticated destroys brain cells ; which leads to problems with memory, thinking and behavior and strongly affects the work and life of the injured person and his lifestyle social.


Horrid put patient over time, a disease that often leads to death, is classified as Alzheimer's disease today being the main reason for the sixth cause of death globally, P (Alzheimer's) term in the loss of memory and influence in other intellectual abilities.

And is dangerous in that it hinders the daily life of a person's, a disease that has no cure currently, but are treating the symptoms and supporting patients to make their lives better and to make them live with the disease.

Early stage of the disease: the beginnings of symptoms Alzheimer's disease early and of problems with thinking and memory and concentration, and show these symptoms during the interview the doctor during medical examinations, and usually needs infected individuals in the early stage to help only minor who surround them to do their jobs daily routine, and often are diagnosed patients in stages over progress of the disease, early-onset disease, the term means the appearance of symptoms of the disease in people under the age of 65 years.

Stages of the disease:

A - first stage: the stage where there is no weakness in cognition (normal cognitive function), and at this stage the patient does not suffer any Problems with memory, nor can the competent medical recognize any evidence of disease during the interview the doctor.

B - Second stage: a stage cognitive decline very simple (it may be a result of natural changes with age or be initial signs of infection Alzheimer's), and where individuals feel they suffer momentarily loss of memory, especially when you forget the words and names known to have, or where to put the keys and others, but it may not become clear during the medical examination or may not show up for friends and family.

C - The third stage: a stage of cognitive decline simplex (The initial phase Alzheimer's disease).


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